Three reasons to invest in Land.

Three reasons to invest in Land.

1)Raw Land Is a “Hands-Off” Investment.

Have you had enough of dealing with troublesome tenants? How about toilets, bugs, mold, lawn care, leaking roofs, burst pipes, broken furnaces, and the hundreds of other issues with owning buildings?

Vacant land doesn’t involve any of those things. Once you buy it… it sits there, it behaves itself, and nothing happens. 😊👍🏼

2) Land is a Finite Resource.
No one is making any more land! Buildings can be replaced and demolished, whereas land is a valuable and finite resource, with only limited quantities available. Hence the quote
“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”
— Mark Twain.

3) Land is a Tangible Resource;
Land cannot vanish or disappear like shares or stocks. If tomorrow the world decided that money was just a useless piece of paper and has no value, land will still be something. It will be something tangible and physical that is yours, regardless of what the global economic situation is. Currency and monetary values may change, but ownership does not.

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