Vital things to know before buying a land

Vital things to know before buying a land

1). The Size of the Land:
If you want to buy a land in Nigeria, you have to consider the size of the land you are buying to make sure it is accurate to what a land owner tells you.

For instance, if a land owner says the land is one plot, it is your responsibility to make sure the size is accurate how many square meters? Because in Nigeria plot side differs base on state.

2) Location of the land:
You also need to consider the location of a land before buying it; the location of a land can add value to the land.
Land in a developed area will cost more than the one in a developing area. With that, you need to pay attention to the rate of development of the area where the land you intend to buy is located.

3) Accessibility of the land (Proximity to Roads):
Good road network will guarantee easy access to the location of the land you intend to buy. It is necessary to consider how you can access your land from major road before buying it.

4)Available of Legal papers;
You must make sure a land is genuinely registered before buying it except if you intend to register the land yourself, and if that is the case, let there be an agreement between you and the land owner because if you are the one to register the land, it should affect the way you negotiate the price of the land.

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