Estate Is Real

Estate Is Real

Peter you work very hard for every dim. “My brother wetin I go do”

Why don’t you take a break and let your money work for you at 30% annual and get your cheque instantaneous. That’s what I call working SMART! . Real Estate Trading calling.
Please tell me more
“What is real estate trading “?

Let me break it down

You ‘Buy’ a piece of PWAN PLATINUM PROPERTIES with 500k or above.

Within a period of 12 months, we either sell it or buy It back from you with a profit of 30%

“How am I sure you’re real ?”

First, We as a company PWAN has been doing Real Estate trading for over 5 years!

Secondly, we will issue you a post dated cheque of the amount of your purchase plus your 30% profit. On the maturity date, just walze into your bank and cash out.

Thirdly, you will also be given a Receipt of purchase and Contract of Sale for the transaction.

Fourthly, all our properties are available for BUY TO SELL TRADING IN REAL ESTATE.

And who wouldn’t want to make money while sleeping?

BUY TO SELL TRADING OPPORTUNITY is one of the sure paths that investors take to create that income stream

For more information visit our office
Pwan platinum official No 9 Airport road, Effurun or Email us at

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