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Just Thinking

HmmmmmmSad truth😥😥😥😥😥 This real-life story of Uncle Owusu, after living in the UK for 38 years and at the age of 71, Uncle Owusu finally relocated to Ghana this year—to live in his 6-bedroom mansion which took him 9 years to complete.

Apparently, now in Ghana and in his mansion, Uncle Owusu lives in the living room of the house while his caretaker lives upstairs in his huge master bedroom. This is because Uncle Owusu cannot climb the stairs without the help of another person. Even with help, it will take him 15 minutes to make the climb.

As such, Uncle Owusu has decided to stay downstairs of his mansion (in the living room) as all 6 bedrooms are upstairs. The house has a living room, toilet, and kitchen downstairs and 3 rooms on the first floor, and another 3 (including the master bedroom) on the second/last floor.

This is surely not how Uncle Owusu anticipated his retirement. But that is the reality of his journey. This will be the life of many other Africans living abroad—building mansions back home without caring about their old age.

In fact, if you are building a dream house for yourself to live in and by 50 years that house is not done, forget it.

Uncle Owusu almost wasted 38 years of his life doing menial jobs abroad hoping to go and retire back home in his mansion and enjoy life. Now, he has no life to enjoy and someone is really enjoying the mansion.

Like most aged persons, Uncle Owusu is not even able to enjoy a bottle of malt at his age—because that will shoot up his sugar level. Yet, he said he was working hard all his life to enjoy his best life which included eating and drinking the finest when he retires.

Now, he is only able to eat salads—and even that, without dressing. He cannot even chew any of the fine meat out there without his cholesterol sending warning signs.

How is this life and the great retirement? Yet, this will be the life of more than half of us.

The solution is to take mini-retirements now and enjoy your life and luxury now.


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